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change rant

its been a long time since ive posted and i was just feeling in the mood

it seems to me that the jump from last generation to this one is a lot bigger than normal. i was sorta noticing this while having a discussion with my mother on more philosphical things.  i could see that she can not even come close to comprehending the world as a whole. instead of the small little christian bubble that she has raised me in and i that i have broken free of and left.....unknowingly i guess.  i find it harder and harder to connect with the people of last generation. some people are totally cool and have changed but i think most are still stuck in their oldies world.  its causing a lotta problems for the new generation.  they dont seem to care about the future the way that they should. and their bubble of knowledge is painfully limited. i know im not the most wordly person out there but i compared to my mother....god i feel like im a different race.  and its depressing to think about the future in that im gonna change even more.  i will be exposed to new people and ideas and soon ill have absolutely nothing to relate to with my own parents.  my parents may be conservative,,,,,but i didnt think it was that bad,  that everything outside of what they believed in is wrong or not of import.  it makes me want to move forward and leave them behind for the new exciting world but at the same time i wish i could just huddle back in their cocoon of ignorance.  maybe that would be the less painful way but would it be right? is us pretending to be ignorant and living in our bubbles causing all or most of our troubles? maybe we need to become more open and accepting to all of the different people and ideas out there and just admit to ourselves that we know nothing. aristotle?  maybe he was right in that no matter what we read or do are think about. we truly no nothing about the world.  and in that knowing that we know nothing...we know something? aghh brain hurts. 

anyways sorry that was my little emotional rant
holy crap im actually watching yugioh.......what is wrong with me.  but it is strangely really good.  maybe i should be doing my japanese homework now but i dont really feel like it.  right now we are learning doko and dare so its boring but oh well

Sep. 26th, 2009

wow ive been so completely busy ive forgotten about lj.  i sorry lj i didnt mean it ;A;

so anyway today i snuck another wrapped parental advisory yaoi book in front of my dads nose. actually two but the second was just plain yaoi and it was a novel so it wasnt wrapped but well......idk man i think he is just to embarassed to say anything like "paige why is that guys hand up that other guys shirt.   r u reading something u shouldnt be."  i think he is just turning his cheek but so anyways i think im really enjoying going to borders with him.     uhmmm so engrish yeah reading a lot of it recently.  so im thinking about getting a new desk in my room cause mine is to big.  if u have any ideas on good desks i could use.  mainly for drawing and well thats all i really need to do on it i guess besides collect junk.    maybe an itsy bitsy teenny tiny one.   then i could get another huge book shelf out and all will be well again =)

oh so ive been majorly obsessed with pride and prejudice recently.  idk why but ive been rewatching the movie and sorta reading the book. and looking up pictures and all the other things that go in the "over obsessive fan girling" package.  but its just so good and i wanna squeal whenever i watch it.   i get exhauseted just watching that damn thing.  how weird is that but when faced with the dark and mysterious mr. darcy and the cute mr. bingley that u just wanna hug and squeeze him, anyone would get tired.  heck im tired just describing it to u guys

so well i kinda am restraing myself from the yaoi goodness and its harder than i thought.  so im gonna go to bed then 
wow i havent used this font in a while it feels so refreshing.
ok so to take my mind off of the mind blowing boredom ive been drawing finishing the art trade and yeah.    so today i went to a friends house to finish our history broject which i feel bad about because we didnt finish and well its due tomorrow but she said shed finish it and shes a pretty creative person and i gave her free reign so ill see it tomorrow.   um i went to barnes and noble today im gaining an extreme hate for that place.  i must have been looking at the manga for like 10 minutes and good find nothing that even sparked an interest in me.  i found two manga though that looked good gurren laggon which i forfeited due to cost and magical jxr which is a really pretty manwha.  i also got a romance novel that is supposed to be a remake of beauty and the beast.  so it should be interesting so im gonna go now /bows

Sep. 12th, 2009

i havent been on in a while and im kinda dying right now. i dont know why but for some reason i seem incapable of doing anything today.  i cant read normal books nor sex books nor manga.  i cant concentrate on any anime i get bored of all websites.  ive never been so.......idle so im gonna be letting out all my troubles on u guys k.  s o o o o oo ooooooooooooooooooo  /deeep  breath i give up im gonna go sulk or go to bed whichever comes first      argh /squeezes head            i feel like ive got alzheimers or something i need to just take a breather.   maybe if i go downstairs ill find something to interest me or i can finally finish shannons art trade now wouldnt that be special.
so i went to taco bell where i saw haruko. that was pretty awesome.  so we talked about ponyo and then i had to go.   so after we dropped off my couson i went to borders where junjo romantica was taunting me. i swear it really was.   so since my dad was paying for it since i had accidentally left my wallet in the car ^ ^;;  i decided to get it but not show him the front cover.  im sure he did not want to see usagi sticking his hand up misakis shirt  XD so i just turned it over to the back but then when we brought it to the register he flips it over that little bastard,  so there i am trying to sit on the counter and kinda hide the book while the dude was like ok whats ur number and email,  do u wanna buy the recommended book of the month,  do u wanna donate a book, yadayadayada.   i swear i was gonna die but my dad is dense and either didnt see the cover or didnt understand it or was a wimp and didnt want to confront me bout it,  so yep now i get to read it now ^   ^ im one happy person
again this post contains pictures that arent suitable for childeren under the age of 40 but im not gonna hide it cause im lazy that way >D

ahem so i have now discovered Love Land thanks to a ahem certain person. Its in korea. and basically its a park that is orientated around sex. yes i know i think im gonna have to live *cough* visit there sometime in the near future.

getting any ideas yet eh?

im not quite sure what this is but i think its a but in the background and a REALLY old saggy thingy ma bobber

ok i wont damage your innocent minds further so here are some sites that MUST be looked at ^  ^


yeah its number 2 on here

again its not my fault i did not discover this on my own
look at that awesone new pic /stares in aw for a few minutes.  it cant replace ren of course but its still beautiful  * . *
what would you do if you woke up to hearing ur parents talk about stuff that u DO NOT need nor want to hear?  so i was sleeping on the couch and i awaken to my dad and mom talking about all the crap my aunt had ( she could run her own department store)  
Mom: that lady had a shit load of longerie
Dad: why didnt you get some
Mom: i know you dont like looking at my fat body...

u know what im just gonna stop right there cause the next part is just.......  its one thing to read about it and another to listen to your PARENTS talk about it -_-  ewwww
ok so yeah gots new classes yadayadayada uhuh love them i guess. dont like english teacher though.  shes just ugh.  my chem teacher is.....idk its kinda hard to get any vibes off her.  shes nice but i cant tell if well get along yet ill just have to wait a bit more. so uh yeah i think miss calasin called my house yesterday.  and i uh told her she had the wrong number cause she had like a tiny voice and i couldnt understand her and i thought she was asking for someone else.  when i told her she had the wrong number she asked for an adult and i said no one was home then she asked if i was left home alone ( that rung some child care management bells)   Note:Bryce is not supposed to be left home without a parent because they think he is suicidal   ahem anyways i then lied and said they were out walkin the dogs.  when i finally hung up i thought to myself.... "i think that was my math teacher"  im not positive cause its weird, teachers dont usually call but we do give them our numbers usually. so yeah that was a bit embarassing and ill find out for sure monday -///////- ill die if it was her though.

anyways i got max ride 3 and 4 so i dont need to borrow from u right now shannon. thank u though.  im on 3 and its a big shocker. james had me fooled and its usually pretty hard to decieve me when it comes to books, i can usually guess the ending immediatly but this threw me for a loop.  good jo jimmy.

so now im gonna finish my manga.  its about a girl who can become a man when ever she wants to....well not all the time its confusing.. but it is definately my kind of story